About Beau


1 year 7 months

Siberian Husky

Melbourne, Australia


BEAU | 1yr 7m | Male | Siberian Husky Located Melb

???? Best Qualities: Beau is a great companion. Happy to chill beside his human. Not needy or hyperactive. 

???? Obedience Star: Beau can sit and stay.  He waits patiently for food. ???? Walks: Beau  is one of their best walkers by far. He does not pull on the lead, and was comfortably walking on a loose lead with a 9yo child. He loves to sniff all of the things, and is only happy saying hello to other doggies when he is given the space to do it and when he’s ready.

???? Doggie Diplomat: In Beau’s mind, he sees himself as more of a human and seems to want to have a pack of humans to love and care for. When given the time and space to do so, he is happy to say hello to other new doggies, but he doesn’t quite like other dogs in his personal space. People are always welcome in his personal space though! If he has to live with another dog, he would be best placed with a calm natured female, rather than a male dog. He just really likes human company’s and doesn’t enjoy dogs being up in his face 24/7.

???? Chatterbox: Beau’s original parents said he used to sleep indoors, and so he likes to make some noise if he is made to sleep outside in a new home and environment. He also loves sleeping in the garage if an inside dog is not your thing.

????️ Weather Warrior: Beau doesn’t seem phased by the weather. He isn’t scared of thunder or fireworks. 

???? Playful: Beau likes to bounce around and play chasey with his humans.

???? Kid-Friendly Potential: Beau has spend some time with children aged 4+ and 9+. He is great with children.

???? Energy: Beau is a bit of a chiller, and whilst he loves going for walks, and having a swim at the dog beach, he’s also happy to just lounge around the home spending time with his humans.

???? Cat & Pocket Pets: He has typical husky prey drive and would not be suitable in a house with cats or pocket pets.

???? Small Dogs: Beau hasn’t had much interaction with small dogs other than talking through the fence. 

???? Road Trip Ready: Buckle up! Beau is a great car passenger. He is more than happy to sit and fall asleep in a crate when his humans need to transport him from A – B. He will even jump in there all by himself with not a single complaint.

???? House Training: Beau is house trained. Once he’s toileted for the night he will not need to go out until his human is awake and opens up.

???? Sweet Slumber: Beau sleeps well inside. Either on the couch, floor or at the end of the bed. He also sleeps well outside as long as he has some cover. 

???? Foodie’s Delight: Beau loves chicken and beef. Will eat kibble also.  Loves his treats. 

ℹ️ Extra info: Beau is great being left indoors as he isn’t destructive.  Last but not least, he is a decent sized full of life fluff ball that just wants to be loved????

The usual husky rules apply, with no cats or pocket pets, plus secure 6ft+ dig proof fences, lots of love and daily exercise. Please complete an application if you match Beau’s profile.


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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