Coda & Maggie

About Coda & Maggie

Our mum and Dad had been having a long distance relationship, with mum living in Geelong and dad in Sydney. Mum used to have 2 beautiful huskies, but unfortunately ended up with a huge part of her heart missing. She kept following Homes for Huskies Rescue on Facebook, watching all the beautiful doggies find their forever homes.

Then one day mum saw my name – Coda, and how much I needed someone to love me. After getting in contact with Home for Huskies, it was organised, mum would be fostering me! At the same time mum was making preparations for dad to move down, and for me to come home.

Mum had been talking to Casey from the rescue, and she told her how there was a beautiful little girl who desperately needed to get busted out of the pound. Mum said, what the heck, the more the merrier!

Maggie was brought home before me, and had a few rough days of getting settled down, and slowly trusting that mum wasn’t going to hurt her. Dad moved in before I did, so they met my temporary carer in Melbourne to pick me up. Maggie and I were introduced outside the home, and were happily getting along. We got home and I humped Maggie constantly for a few days until we figured out our places.

Mum and dad quickly figured out they could never let us go, foster fail was on the horizon.

They contacted Homes for Huskies and organised the adoption. It’s been four months, and I’m a huge mummy’s boy, constantly sleeping on the couch next to her and getting lots of cuddles. Maggie loves our daddy, happily enjoying snuggles with him.

We’ve all settled in as a family and enjoy visits from our nanna and her doggies. We love nothing more than walks and running along the beach together. We’ve become a happy family of four, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you to Homes for Huskies Rescue for giving us a second chance in life!

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