About Duckie


1 year 6 months

Siberian Husky


Don’t you just want to boop that adorable, spotty snoot? Meet Duckie, a gorgeous young pup who is looking for her furever home.  

Let’s start with some introductions! Duckie loves to play, loves children, she’s beautiful and you just can’t help wanting to cuddle her. She’s no trouble at all, and is happy to play or lie calmly – whatever suits her people. She’s social, and friendly with guests at home, friends on trips outside, complete strangers and other dogs.  

Duckie is young and agile, has endless energy, and loves to play and zoom. Duckie is also eager to please, so if you constantly tell her how you want her to walk she learns quickly and is a delight to walk with. She also loves long runs as well.  

Duckie is a total husky… Her recall is excellent when she wants it to be…rushes in from the backyard zoomies if it’s meal time or knowing she’s getting a treat. Night time though, she’d rather stay and play outside so she develops selective hearing.  

If you’ve got kids, she’s been great with her foster carer’s son. “She gets along just perfectly with him”. During school drop off, she loves to sniff and hang around children. She’s made friends with complete stranger’s kids and coaxed the little ones to lie with her in the grass. She’s been completely safe with kids of all sizes and trusts them by instinct and is drawn to them.  

We think Duckie would do well with another doggo companion, as being so young, she loves to play. In terms of her new people, she will flourish with someone who is confident, patient, and calm and will make her feel safe, and people who will give her space and time and wait for her to approach and trust them.  

We think Duckie has had a rough start to life so she startles easily, and needs to be eased into new experiences, but she’s a quick learner and adorable in every way. 

She’s gorgeous, loving, young and raring to go.

She’ll be a perfect addition to any family as a second dog, as long as the first one is not too naughty else the sponge that she is, she’ll soak in the antics and there’ll be double trouble!  

The usual husky rules apply with no cats or pocket pets, lots of love and exercise, and secure fencing.

Not suited to apartment or rural fencing.

Fully vetworked


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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