About Freya

Homes for Huskies works closely with many Victorian pounds and are often the only way out when huskies are surrendered to them, especially when they’re elderly or unwell.

H4H got the call about an urgent pound surrender who was in her last stages of life, unwell, very scared, and was likely be quickly euthanised. Her new person quickly got in the car to collect her and what was going to be a short-term emergency foster, ended up being a delightful permanent arrangement.

A name change to Freya, a few visits to the vet for antibiotics and arthritis support, and this marvellous old girl settled into her new home.

Freya quickly blossomed, putting on weight, her mobility improving right away with regular exercise, and her health turned around after a short course of antibiotics (all taken care of by Homes for Huskies).

Freya and her new person spent a marvellous nine months together, hanging out on the couch in front of the TV, eating snacks, going for walks, playing, making new friends, and just loving life together.

Freya adored being able to snooze inside the house, come and go as she pleased, loved meeting new people, and was sweet, friendly and sassy to everyone she met.

When Freya’s time came, she was peacefully and gently put to sleep at her person’s home, having enjoyed the most marvellous nine months of her life, and finally knowing what soft beds, vet care, regular walks and love felt like. It was a stark contrast to a loveless, terrifying and lonely euthanasia at a pound, and her person adored having her. She will foster again.

Freya Says Hi!