Gracie & Max

About Gracie & Max

Our happy adoption story does have a very sad beginning with a loss of our beloved doberman. Husky Panda who had his best friend by his side all his life was absolutely lost without him. We never thought the grief dogs experience can be that severe. He stopped getting up and greeting us when we got home, the only time he would get up was to go for a walk or dinner. No matter what we did to cheer him up, it was not working. My husband suggested getting another dog but I was not ready, he didn’t insist but at the same time started looking at rescues and came across Homes For Huskies. He began following them on Facebook and Petrescue and from time to time he would show me the dogs needing a home. We have never adopted and were not sure about the process and a bit nervous about getting an adult dog.

One day, he saw Gracie’s profile go up. She had the cheekiest face and the most adorable write up about her. He asked me if he could apply to adopt her, and even though I was still not ready I could not cope seeing Panda so sad anymore and reluctantly said “yes”. The adoption process was very thorough, included a yard check and a number of meet and greets between Panda and Gracie. They made sure that Gracie was a good match for Panda, as she was young, energetic and very dominant, whereas Panda was older and placid. Gracie came into our home and quickly became the Queen of the house. We fell in love with her on day 1, and Panda quickly came back to his usual self. He finally had a friend to play with and someone to hang out with.

It has been 5 years since we adopted Gracie, and we could not imagine our lives without her. Through the rescue we have also met so many amazing people and gorgeous dogs. Seen some sad rescue stories with the happiest endings. 

Since adopting Gracie, we have also given a home to few foster dogs and it has been really rewarding to see them go into loving homes and seeing them being loved and spoiled. Two years ago, the rescue asked us to help with a dog that was being surrendered. He needed a home quickly, and we agreed to become temporary foster carers until a more permanent solution can be found. This boy came into our home with sticky and stinky furr, nails that have never seen a bitumen to be filed back or cut, underweight and malnourished. He spent most of his life living in a cage. As he came into our house, we had no idea what to expect and were prepared for a few challenges but he turned out to be the most amazing, loving and well behaved dog. We decided he could stay with us until he was ready to find a home. To be honest, he stole our hearts instantly but we were worried what it would be like to have 3 dogs. The rescue kept asking me to share some info about him so they could start looking for a new home but I could not bring myself to even think about him going anywhere else so after a few months of him living with us, we decided to make it official and adopted Max.

Our furr baby family has grown to 3 and we could not be happier, every day we look at them and smile. Panda, Gracie and Max are now best friends, they do everything together and are an absolute joy to watch. Knowing their history and a difficult start in life, I just love seeing them so happy or stretched out on the couch together or curled up next to us. I can’t believe that before adopting Gracie I was so nervous about adopting a rescue dog, this was the best decision we ever made.

We are so grateful to Homes For Huskies for rescuing these beautiful dogs and  for trusting us with them! I would strongly recommend this rescue, as they go above and beyond to ensure the dogs are placed in the right forever home.

Gracie & Max Says Hi!