About Inca


16 months

Siberian Husky


At Homes for Huskies, we think we’re pretty lucky to deal with the fluffbutts that we do, and the lovely Inca is just another addition!

Her foster person adores her and says, “Inca is gorgeous inside and out, she has become the best quarantine buddy and is always there for a play or a walk. Her eyes are something to never get sick of!”

Inca is a very pretty, most delightful girl who has a sweet personality and is essentially your shadow, always curious as to what you’re doing. She is overall a very chill dog and has a bit of everything in her personality, which is one of the great things about her.

Inca loves her zoomies, especially when she’s being played with in the backyard or first thing in the morning. When she’s not zooming, she is a very relaxed dog and happily sits on the couch, or wherever you are, for the most part of the day.

Like most huskies, she is always satisfied after one walk, but wouldn’t knock back another! Inca has been great on the lead; she walks well and only will stop every now and then to smell along her way. She can sit, drop and shake, and is mostly housetrained and will linger at the door when she needs to go outside.

She’s had training while in foster care, and she’d LOVE it if her new humans spent time on her training with her. She wants to be a very good girl.

Inca is a total husky and howls sometimes when she doesn’t want to do what you’re telling her to do. She is a bit stubborn and sometimes thinks that she is the ruler of the house. Aside from that, she’s a quiet lady.

Inca is also a GREAT road trip partner, settling happily into the backseat for the ride! Her foster carer has been working with her social skills too, and she’s become a lot better at meeting new dogs.

Inca will sleep anywhere she can, will try and share your bed, and is also quite happy with her crate setup, with a blanket over the top that is her own space, which she quite likes and will go to often.

Inca would thrive in a household with a suitably sized and similar aged canine playful companion. She’s not been tested with young children, so we’ll consider her for an older children home.


  • Siberian Husky ownership experience preferred
  • Full access to indoors
  • Suitable to older children with experience with dogs
  • Existing suitably active and similar aged canine buddy
  • Ongoing training * Daily walks
  • Secure dig proof, 6ft fencing
  • Not available for interstate adoption

Does Inca sound like the girl for you? Please complete an application if you love the sound of her!


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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