About Jaeger


3 years

Husky x Malamute

Melbourne, Australia


Located Country Vic

Jaegar is a 3 year old lovely Husky x Malamute. He’s currently being boarded at kennels as he was on the euth list at a country pound through no fault of his own. We all couldn’t just let that happen ❣️

We have info from the lovely lady that’s boarding him and has come to know him over the last week or so.

Jaegar has obviously had some training as he is very capable of all basic commands like sit, stay, come, drop, leave it, and down but in true husky fashion he will decide to use them when it suits him. He will always release a toy when asked though which is nice.

He will do anything for a game of tug or a cuddle.

Walking with a lead can be a bit of fun for the first 10 minutes but he soon settles down and likes to check everything out. His curiosity is one of his strongest traits and he would love nothing more than to have a confident owner that would take him everywhere and introduce him to new things. He met our horses today and all he wanted to do was sniff them. (He was a little too excited by them and the alpacas too. – Our animals are used to dogs so they don’t run I wouldn’t like to allow him near stock that would run)

I have let him play with another husky and a German Shepard and apart from being a bit too boisterous he was really good. The other husky told him off for mounting him and he took the scolding really well and accepted the next invitation to play with no hard feelings. The only issues I have seen is with assertive dogs, if they are strutting or posturing he is not likely to back off.

He loves all people. I haven’t seen him be anything but excited by new people. He prefers men and confident women, he will play a bit rough with anyone who he thinks he will get away with it. Not sure how he would go with little kids, I think he would love them a bit too hard.

He doesn’t need excessive exercise but would happily get fit if he had someone to run with. Right now he is super happy with a big walk and a game of fetch and tug then lots of cuddles.

My guess he is about 20kg he has a lovely healthy coat and beautiful brown eyes.

Not suited to apartment or rural fencing.

Fully vetworked

The usual husky rules apply, with no cats or pocket pets, lots of love and exercise, and secure dig-proof 5ft + fencing.

Jaeger Says Hi!