About Luna


2 years 1 month

Siberian Husky

Melbourne, Australia

LUNA | 2yr 1m | Female | Siberian Husky

Located Melb

???? Best Qualities: Luna is the perfect blend of cuddles and love. She loves attention and making friends with all the doggos.

???? Obedience Star: Luna knows her commands, however in true husky form she will do them on her terms. But she’s a great student when yummy treats are involved. She needs someone who understands that obedience is an ongoing 24/7 job. With a little love and patience she has the ability to be a super smart cookie. She can sit, wait, shake hands & LOVES to play fetch. Her recall could do with a little help, as she will run towards you when you call her at the off-lead fully fenced dog park, but if she sees no treats she will come as close to 5cm and then run in the other direction for you to be the one then chasing her ????.

???? Walks with a lot of energy: Luna loves her exercise more than life itself. Her favourite thing is running & enjoys a good run while you’re riding a bike (whilst on lead of course). She has a curious nature and loves to sniff all of the things! She’s a social butterfly and sometimes she even pretends to be a kangaroo out of her excitement when she sees another dog, but if she’s allowed to say a quick hello she continues on her merry way. She will only pull on the lead if her energy has not been burnt off.

???? Doggie Diplomat: Luna loves to make doggy friends, big and small. She gets along with all dogs, no matter the breed. She has never shown any aggression towards other dogs even when they snap at her to get out of their personal space. She comes back to try and convince them to love her. She has lived most of her life as an only dog and definitely has the only child syndrome of wanting all the attention on her when at home, however would suit a home with an active male dog at home. She can get quite bossy at home with female dogs.

???? Chatterbox: Luna is quiet on her own but will have a good old husky sing along if given the opportunity. She’s not a fan of vacuums and will let you know by trying to communicate in husky form if one gets too close.

????️ Weather Warrior: Luna isn’t phased my any weather, and will happily retreat to her kennel if it’s raining.

???? Playful: Luna loves to play fetch with her humans and thinks her long treat is the bees knees once it is filled up with yummy doggy treats.

???? Kid-Friendly Potential: Luna has spent lots of time with children aged 8+ and loves to convince them to play with her. She has a very playful personality and would therefore suit school aged or older children.

???? Energy Unlimited: Even after a 2 hour adventure Luna is happy keep playing if given the chance! She would suit a household that would love a doggy companion to earn fitness points with!

???? Cat & Pocket Pets: Luna has typical husky prey drive and would not be suitable in a house with cats or pocket pets.

???? Small Dogs?: Luna welcomes dogs of all sizes. Whether they all welcome her is another story!

???? Road Trip Ready: Luna is a superstar car passenger if she’s in the front seat. She genuinely things she’s a human and will sit and watch the world go by. Put her in the backseat though, and she will try her best to weasel her way back to the front. She travels well in a crate also ????

???? House Training: Luna gets quite bored indoors and often wants to go back outside to play with her other doggy friend that doesn’t like indoor time. She will however enjoy one on one time on the couch watching a movie as long as there’s cuddles involved. Luna is also crate trained.

???? Sweet Slumber: Whilst doggy beds are super comfy, Luna is more inquisitive to find out what lies beneath those fluffy clouds that humans call dog beds & if left unsupervised she will explore that for herself. She would be more suited to a doggy style hammock or canvas type bed.

???? Foodie’s Delight: Luna enjoys all food but sometimes will get a tummy ache if not given kibble every second day. She loves raw bones and prefers her meat to be cooked instead of raw.

ℹ️ Extra info: Luna will definitely let you know she is bored by having a nibble on things that are not hers if they have been left out in the yard when her carer is at work. Having a canine buddy should help with this whilst she grows out of this stage. She would also love her humans around more often than not. Although she’s fine to be at home on her own during work hours. Last but not least, she is a fun sized husky at only 17kg ????

The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft dig-proof fencing, lots of love, exercise, and we know she’ll adore time with her people.


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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