About Maloo


8 years 9 months

Siberian Husky x Malamute

Maloo is a placid chilled guy, very sweet, gentle soul, that needs a new home due to owners circumstances changing.
With his medical condition an experienced home would be great but not necessary.

Maloo loves to be indoors with his family. He’s a good boy and will wait for direction to be allowed indoors. Then he will find his comfy spot and relax. He will love a pat or cuddle from you. Maloo doesn’t bark or howl, he is a very quiet and is never disruptive.

Maloo walks well on a lead he likes to be in front and will sit down before crossing the road. He loves to go to the offlead at a secure dog park or beach (fence). He will run and do laps around the park, once he’s had enough he will come back to you.

This gorgeous boy is super friendly, wanting lots of pats while being really gentle. Good with all dogs, big and small. Doesn’t chase possums or care when they enter the yard. Great with kids of all ages ( currently with 1 yr old and really good with her).

He is great with adults and children and prefers a calm home with lots of love, attention and his walks.

Maloo has epilepsy and will seizure approximately once every 1-2months. Past few months it has been once every 2 months. 
He is on medication 1 tablet morning and night. He takes his medication chopped up and mixed in dollop of cream. He also has a tsp of hemp oil added with cream in the morning. 
When Maloo has a seizure you can’t do much but things to note: 

  • he will be blind for about 30sec once seizure finishes
  • his limbs will be loose so if he tries to get up to quick he will fall back down.
  • he will pace up and down for about 3minutes. Will take about 5minutes all up to recover from seizure. He usually has 1 or 2 seizures. 

He also has to have a blood test once a year to check his liver levels because of the medication he’s on and if dosage of meds need to change. – He had a blood test May 2021 so not due until May 2022.

Not suited to cats or pocket pets
5ft dig proof fencing required


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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