Meet our new little family

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Meet our new little family ♥️

When we met Raena (previously Luna) she was in kennels, heavily pregnant. Thankfully our amazing network of foster carers stepped up and we managed to place Raena in a home to ready for motherhood. Unfortunately, this was not her first litter. Previously her and the husky she lived with had already had a litter- however, the people who dumped her at the vet clinic to be euthanised had already sold her companion a month previously. ???? As far as we know, they were not aware she was pregnant for a second time when they took her to the clinic and asking to end her life. Thankfully the vets contacted us to help her.

Onwards and upwards, Raena visited the vet and we were told to expect 6 babies! So we waited… and waited… and waited some more! Raena was growing larger by the day, but wasn’t ready to give up the pups yet!

Finally on Sunday night Raena decided it was time and as she gave birth to 4 big babies, we realised fairly quickly she overcooked the pups and they were HUGE! So off to the vet where Raena had a caesarean and welcomed another 5 pups- totalling 9 altogether!

Raena recovered very quickly despite some anaemia and has settled into her very last go of motherhood very well. While this may not be her first litter, it will absolutely be her last.

Our beautiful ‘nature’ litter have had a health check and all are healthy whoppers. They will be desexed and ready for adoption at 12 weeks old – stay tuned for updates.

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