About Mya


5 years 6 months old

Siberian Husky


What a darling, darling girl! Mya is so gentle and chill her foster carers think she’s part cat, as she adores sitting or sleeping near you for lots of love and cuddles.

This very pretty lady is all about the love and attention, adores her belly rubs and ear scritches, and she’ll paw at you for more affection, so get ready to snuggle! In return, she’ll chat to you about anything and loves a good talk, she even tells you when she wants food or wants to go outside.

Mya is chilled, loves to nap, but also is very active if you are, so no couch potatoes! She is a beautiful girl who wants to be by your side, no matter what (this might indeed mean shutting the toilet door!). She travels well and would love to anywhere and everywhere with her new family. Mya has been taught to ‘wait’ and ‘go’ at road crossings. She enjoys her walks, sometimes even a good run or jog to tire her out more. She does pull on the lead, and this will need some work.

Those beautiful blue eyes love taking in everything that’s going on around her. She’s smart, and during training hand signals have been useful. She’s a fast learner who knows to sit, has learnt to ‘sit and wait’ at food time and the use of the word ‘nuh uh’ helps instead of the word ‘no’. She would love someone to spend time on keeping up with her training. Her foster family say she’s learning lots of skills and listens about 80% of the time (anyone who knows huskies, knows that’s pretty good!). But in saying that her listening skills are 100%, if she hears a packet of any food being opened she races towards the noise and hopes for some goodies!’

She would be best suited to an active, outgoing household who can keep her by their side in whatever they do. She does have seperation anxiety, of which she will need to be eased into being left alone for long time frames. We think if Mya has a suitable sized, friendly and calm dog companion that this may help with her seperation worries. Also a family who is at home most of the time and will take the time to work with her and her anxiety.

She is fully house trained and loves to be indoors.

She’s a lovely and polite girl and we know she’s going to make some family feel very loved indeed. If you think Mya would be a good fit, complete an adoption application.


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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