Neo & Raj

About Neo & Raj


6 years

Siberian husky

Melbourne, Australia

BONDED PAIR NEO & RAJ | 6yrs old | Male | Siberian Huskies Located Vic  

We have a gorgeous bonded pair of brothers – Neo and Raj – who need a new home through no fault of their own. Our team has met them and they are perfect, well mannered, amazing on lead, very sweet and tightly bonded so only able to be adopted as a pair.   

Neo and Raj are both handsome white and grey 6-year old boys with happy go lucky attitudes. Of the two, Raj is more reserved however he does relax and come around and is happy to play.  

Neo will be your shadow and just want to be a part of everything and anything you are doing. Neo loves to go out on walks but is also very content spending time with you and cuddling. He has a very peaceful nature topped off with the occasional zoomie.  

Both have been around children as young as three, and are curious and kissy, and both have basic training including sit, wait, drop and gentle. They love meeting other dogs to play with and are good at the fenced dog park, and both love running around and check in with their people, often coming back to them, before running around again.  

Neo doesn’t mind storms, and isn’t much of a barker (but doesn’t mind a little awoo on occasion though). He’s a really Good Boy and doesn’t dig or try to escape.  

Raj is more reserved and independent but as soon as he wants something he will come and chat your ear off till he gets his message across. Raj will come and inspect what you’re up to, but then go happily sit a little in the distance where he can still see what is going on. Raj will never say no to pats or a belly rub when you’re walking past.  

If you’re looking for a ready-made pack who already love each other, these boys might just be the perfect fit. They need to able to spend time indoors, and the usual husky rules apply, with no cats or pocket pets, secure 6ft+ fences and lots of love and exercise. 

Fully vetworked

Adoption Fee $700 for pair

Source ID RE147602

Raj 95301001251567

Neo 953010001243136


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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