About Rajah


2 years

Siberian husky

Melbourne, Australia

Rajah is a two year old snugglebug looking for a couch and a human! This beautiful girl is a typical husky- loves a run and play but at the end of the day wants nothing else but to sleep next to her people. Rajah takes it one step further- preferring to spend her time as a lap dog, or snuggling her face into your shoulder. She is truly an inbuilt best friend.

Rajah had a little bit of a rough start, being on a chain due to chronic escaping. However, this was likely because she was alone, missing her humans who were inside, and without being walked she was very bored. Due to the chain and improper use of an Ecollar, Rajah will do best with positive only training. She is currently working on using a halti to walk a little bit more calmly- however, she is not a big girl at only 17kg so doesn’t pull very hard.

Rajah loves other dogs, currently fitting in very well to a pack of six!! She would love to go home with another playful young male, she is a bit of a flirt and loves boys. They do play bitey face and chase, so she would absolutely love a playmate who enjoys these things! Rajah is a fan of the ball, but doesn’t always bring it back yet.

She knows sit, wait and to go to her crate for dinner. She is currently crate trained while her humans are not home, just in case she gets nervous and tries to escape again though she has shown no inkling of this behaviour after the first week in her foster home.

She does very well and is happy in the crate with a bone or Kong, and holds it until her people get back.

She will absolutely tell a rude dog off, so a knowledge of dog behaviour is a must so you can step in if either dog gets too over the top in play to give them a break! She eats a good quality puppy food and raw bones which she is quite happy with- she has even been known to eat fruits and veggies! Very food motivated, she is a breeze to train.

She can show some pacing behaviour in the first few days in a new home, but this dissipates quite quickly and she is able to be called away. She can also be nervous of loud trucks and traffic- so ideally if you live on a busy road you will have good soundproofing. Rajah would be fine with children over 5 years old- just because she might steal food from the really young ones!

She is going very well with training! No cats or pocket pets- she has shown prey drive towards small mammals in her foster home. If you’re looking for a dual queen, Rajah is your girl – happy to go with you on whatever adventure, from forest to beach to couch!

  • Fully vetworked
  • 6ft dig proof fencing required
  • Not suited to apartment or rural properties
  • Please complete an adoption application to be considered


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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