About River


1 year

Husky x Malamute

Melbourne, Australia

Friends, we have this big goof of a boy on our hands who is just such a beautiful dog with a beautiful temperament. We can’t wait to see him in a new, active home and learning how to play and interact with others dogs.

River is a gorgeous, 1-year-old black and white boy with brown eyes who will bond to a new owner very quickly. He is great with people, including kids of all ages, and we’d love to see him go to a home with a doggy play buddy and older kids (just because of his sheer size!).

River has also grown up with a cat harmoniously, but we tread carefully with this, as a rule.

River is a total people-pleaser and is so looking forward to moving into a household where he’ll get lots of exercise, will learn to play with other dogs (no aggression, just an excited lack of experience), and learn lots of new tricks. He also loves playing fetch and has good recall.

He’s very eager to learn, but we have to come clean – his manners need some serious work (hello, stealing from random café tables). Over-excited, strong on lead, jumps to say hello, all the things. But he so badly wants to learn, and he picked up so much just while we were assessing him.

River is an absolute gem and he’s going to be an awesome addition to a household.

Young, big, teenager? Yes. Loving, happy, eager to please and aggression-free? Also yes.

Are you the right people for River? The usual husky rules apply, with no cats ~ ( possible with experienced owners ) or no pocket pets, secure 6ft dig proof fencing, and lots of love and activities. ~ Not available for interstate adoption ~ Not suited to apartment or rural


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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