Sabre in his new home

About Sabre in his new home

This young handsome boy, Sabre, came into our lives 3 weeks ago and he had definitely came out of his shell in the last few days.

Like any typical young husky he is cheeky, stubborn and yet the most affectionate husky we ever had. Morning cuddles in bed, snuggles in the evening. Playful and sweet to everyone he meets. Loves being at the local cafe and greeting strangers like long lost friends.

We are taking a firm hand to reinforce good husky manners – no jumping, no taking food of our plates, no sneaking treats from the kitchen benches. Like any teenager he is testing his boundaries with us ????

He has since found his favourite toy – our existing 9 yo husky girl Lillie. He greets her in the morning with an endless stream of face bites/kisses and tries again at noon and evening. Being an older dog she is still adjusting to this level of constant attention and excitement. This however has given her a new lease of life and we look forward to them having many years together.

We are very lucky to be to offer Sabre a home with us and a new brother to our Lillie.

Sabre in his new home Says Hi!