About Sadie


4 years 2 months

Siberian Husky


There are three good reasons why the lucky (active) human applicant would love Sadie:

  1. Fitness—she loves and needs lots of exercise,
  2. Companionship—her warm fluffy fur and kisses will comfort you every day,
  3. Entertainment—she has got a delightful quirky personality and does hilarious Zoomies which will put a smile on your face.

Sadie is looking for a home:

  • Where she will be the only dog
  • That has NO cats or pocket pets
  • With secure 6ft and dig proof fencing
  • A home that will allow her inside
  • No small children
  • Experienced home preferred
  • 6ft dig proof fencing required

Sadie is a gorgeous little girl, said to be 4 but might be younger, who is dearly loved by her foster carer.

Sadie is an adorable affectionate husky who loves to shower her human with kisses; if you don’t love cuddles and smooches Sadie is not for you.

Sadie has lived a deprived life before coming to us. But she has made incredible progress, so clever and so trainable. She loves nothing more than her twice daily walks and runs, followed by her meals (!!); and she is a fantastic runner, even long distances, tracking along beautifully with her foster brother or on her own with her foster dad.

She is healthy and sleek, loves her food and is easy to train with treats. She’s a great little sleeper and loves routine. She is an absolute delight!

Sadie tolerates her two foster husky sibs but Sadie isn’t the girl to have catch up’s with friends or families dogs, she can find it overwhelming and isn’t the most social girl in these situations. Although she does walk beautifully in her pack of 3 (or 4) as well as on walking dates with furry friends; but she loves her human/s most of all and isn’t that interested in mingling much with her foster bro and sis. She keeps to herself and is far more interested in humans than in dogs.

  • Adoption Fee $500
  • Microchip 953010000668953
  • Source EE100640
  • Fully vetworked


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

More information about Sadie

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