About Shadow

We’d love you all to meet Shadow, a handsome and very charming 10 year old lad who is in need of his furever home. He’s fit, healthy, and has many more years of love to give and knows how to relax and chill out. 

Shadow is looking for a home:

  • Where he will be the ONLY dog 
  • With lots of love and long walks
  • Suitable to young children 
  • Without cats or pocket pets
  • 6ft+ secure, husky-proof fencing

Shadow loves kids and needs a home where he’s the only dog. Shadow is a very sweet gentleman. He’s a little shy and placid, softly spoken too, and very easy going and does what he’s told without sass (a rare husky trait!). He’s gentle, affectionate, polite, has good manners, and is wonderful company. He’s going to make someone very happy! 

Shadow is a little apprehensive with new people and will take time to let you in, but once he does, he will love you to bits! 

Shadow has a very cute little voice, rarely barks, and is soft and polite, only bringing out the bigger barks when he’s super excited. The rest of the time, Shadow is chill and loves hanging out with his people, having a relax or snooze. He will, quite literally, be your shadow. 

Shadow is a bit of a dream dog when it comes to husky manners. He will sit, stay, shake and drop. In the beginning when settling in, he’s a bit selective on when he’s going to answer to his name but once you have his attention, he’s a gorgeous boy who will do what he’s told.

He LOVES going for walks and when you get the harness and lead out, Shadow loses his mind with excitement, but he calms down within a few minutes of walking. He’s very easy to put on and take off a harness and walks well on lead. He has great stamina for walking and you will tire before he does! He’s curious when he sees other dogs while walking, and is very easily kept on track with a bit of praise.

He travels well in the car, has good eating manners, is housetrained, doesn’t give a hoot about storms, and will sleep anywhere but a dog bed (he’ll put his paw on the bed and not hop on). 

Shadow is a gorgeous, lovely gent with so much love to give, and we know the perfect furever home is out there waiting to welcome him with open arms. 

As always, the usual husky rules apply, with no cats or pocket pets, secure 6ft+ fencing, and lots of love, care and exercise.

Adoption Fee $350
Microchip 982000148380823
Source EE100640 

If you think you can give Shadow his perfect home, complete an application by clicking below.


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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