About Wombat


6 yrs 8 months

Siberian husky

Melbourne, Australia

Some may remember this boy (then known as Loki) when we were looking for a foster carer to get him out of the pound. After several tests he has been diagnosed with Alopecia x – details below and is now ready to find his forever home. Have you always wanted a husky but not so keen on the shedding? Wombat is your dude!

Wombat has been diagnosed with a condition called Alopecia x, which, like in humans, causes baldness over most of his body. He does have some hair on his head and legs. This means he is currently on treatment to see if we can regrow any hair- this costs about $50 per month, and may or may not be ongoing.

The likelihood is Wombat will be a bald boy forever. It does not affect him in any way except that he will need a coat in colder months, and sunscreen in the warmer months.

Wombat is a huge snugglebug and loves nothing more than a good cuddle and movie on the couch! He is a chill dude, and doesn’t have a ton of energy- couch potato life suits him well. He is a grumble guts if you touch his bottom though!

Wombat would do well with another senior dog, or a chill female. While he has never shown any aggression, he gets very freaked out by puppies, and prefers the other dogs in the home to understand personal space.

Wombat is absolutely food obsessed. He will eat anything you offer- and some things you didn’t offer. He is an adept counter surfer so things must be put out of his reach! He can have some anxiety being left alone, but does well on anxiety medication at the moment. This should not be long term and he should be able to wean off quite quickly. He is not destructive, more so nervous/paces.

Wombat is a very vocal boy in many ways- he is not a nuisance barker but will bark in play, and has many different whines and grumbles he uses to talk. He has a big booming voice that can be a little off putting, but we swear he means well! He is basically a grumpy old man in a young body.

He would be fine with children as he is not a jumper, but needs kids who won’t be put off by his voice, as he can sound a bit scary at first. He even grumbles during cuddles with enjoyment!

He has shown no issues with storms and is 95% toilet trained- he can show some marking behaviour while settling in but this stops quickly. Bat is used to sleeping where he falls- either on a dog bed, the couch, or sometimes even on the patio if he feels like it. Wombat certainly isn’t your run of the mill husky, but if you’re looking for a very chill oddball he is absolutely your man!

  • 6ft dig proof fencing, not suited to rural or apartment living.
  • Not suited to pocket pets or cats
  • Lots of love, care and exercise.
  • We know he was very popular in lots of people wanting to help him and his perfect home is out there for him.
  • Fully Vetworked
  • Not available interstate


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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