Romeo in his new home

You may recall Romeo the emaciated 13-year-old who was left at the pound because he was ‘too old’. His adoption parents have provided an update to share with you all. Just look at him now, he’s a completely different boy, happy healthy and loved dearly. We are so very grateful to his forever parents for […]

Sabre in his new home

This young handsome boy, Sabre, came into our lives 3 weeks ago and he had definitely came out of his shell in the last few days. Like any typical young husky he is cheeky, stubborn and yet the most affectionate husky we ever had. Morning cuddles in bed, snuggles in the evening. Playful and sweet […]


URGENT FOSTER CARER REQUIRED Located Country Vic Jaegar is a 3 year old lovely Husky x Malamute. He’s currently being boarded at kennels as he was on the euth list at a country pound through no fault of his own. We all couldn’t just let that happen We have info from the lovely lady that’s […]


Cooper | 9yrs | Male | Siberian Husky Located Melbourne Cooper is a very sweet boy that would love a quiet home to enjoy the remainder of his senior years. We would love to see this boy in a home he truely deserves. He isn’t accustomed to indoor living, but would very much love to […]


I had been looking at Homes for Huskies for around a year, and I just fell in love with them all! As did everyone else over Covid! I had spoken to Homes for Huskies volunteers on a few occasions about some of the dogs that had been advertised for adoption, however none of them quite […]


Homes for Huskies works closely with many Victorian pounds and are often the only way out when huskies are surrendered to them, especially when they’re elderly or unwell. H4H got the call about an urgent pound surrender who was in her last stages of life, unwell, very scared, and was likely be quickly euthanised. Her […]


Life is Beautiful I’m the kind of person who would greet animals on the street before their owners. When we lived in an apartment we had a dole of doves that were regulars at my balcony. Whenever opportunity arose, my neighbours and siblings’ pets would become almost my own. I’ve spent copious amounts of time […]


Tyra is a beautiful 9-year old husky girl who came to Homes for Huskies Rescue Inc, blind, and in awful condition after a distressing, neglected life.  We made her a promise that she would have whatever she needed and she would never suffer again and we are keeping that promise. In late 2020 Tyra had […]

Gracie & Max

Max, Gracie & Panda

Our happy adoption story does have a very sad beginning with a loss of our beloved doberman. Husky Panda who had his best friend by his side all his life was absolutely lost without him. We never thought the grief dogs experience can be that severe. He stopped getting up and greeting us when we […]

Coda & Maggie

Our mum and Dad had been having a long distance relationship, with mum living in Geelong and dad in Sydney. Mum used to have 2 beautiful huskies, but unfortunately ended up with a huge part of her heart missing. She kept following Homes for Huskies Rescue on Facebook, watching all the beautiful doggies find their […]