Storm | 7 months | Male | Siberian Husky

Located in Melbourne

Storm is looking for a home:

  • Without cats or pocket pets
  • 6ft+ secure, husky-proof fencing
  • A home with another suitable sized and aged canine companion
  • Household who will keep up with his training
  • A home that will allow him inside
  • A foster family that might be looking to adopt

If this sounds like your household, read on!

Stand back, paparazzi, we’ve got a stunning star coming through! Storm is a truly gorgeous black and white chap with chocolate brown, heart-melting eyes who gets ALL the attention and compliments out on walks.

Storm is 7 months old and needs a new foster or furever home through no fault of his own. He loves playing soccer with his people, thinks a game of chasey is excellent, and adores monching on pigs ears, bones and bully sticks.

He’s a goofy young man who’ll sleep anywhere, and often in ‘unassembled mode’, and loves belly scratches. Storm is chill during storms and happy to sit in among the elements, soaking it all up.

Storm has good manners, and is currently going to puppy school, and he’d love a household who will keep up with his training. He will shake paws before getting a treat, and sit, stay, wait to be told to eat and will wait his turn going through doors. He’s a little enthusiastic pulling on his leash, but we think a bit more training will sort that out.

He’s a delightful, funny and well-behaved boy who loves his daytime naps, likes his shell pool and zoomies. And while he’s never dug to escape, his middle name should probably be ‘Dug’, so he’s definitely a husky!

Storm is great with other dogs and gets along well with children of all ages, and has grown up in a busy household with three young boys. Storm is a young teenager with his whole life ahead of him, and will be the perfect addition to a lot of households! The usual husky rules apply, with no cats or pocket pets and secure, 6ft fencing.

  • Adoption Fee $500
  • Microchip 991003000289893
  • Source EE100640

Storm is not available for interstate foster homes. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards.

If you think you can give Storm a home, please complete an application by clicking below