Foster A Husky

Foster Carers play a vital role in saving the lives of our Siberian Husky rescues and helping prepare them for adoption. Fostering a Husky is a wonderful way to contribute to the group and its mission by providing love and care to our huskies in need while they await their forever homes. By you temporarily caring for our huskies in your home. The number of dogs we can bring into rescue depends on the amount of foster space we have available. We never have a shortage of dogs needing rescue, and for some, we are their only chance at a second chance.

Foster homes are our greatest asset and the resource we need the most.
We can provide everything you need – crate, blankets, food and medical care. You provide a safe and secure home where our dog will be loved and cared for until they find their forever family.
Our goal is to make your foster care experience enjoyable and rewarding and ensure you are fully supported along the way.

Please email if you have any questions about fostering. If you think you can give a rescue dog a loving and safe home for a short time until they find their forever home, please fill out the application below. Even spreading the word is helping, Please help spread the word! If you have a friend or family member who is interested in becoming a foster care volunteer, please give them our contact details or ask them to complete our online foster application form. We simply can’t rescue huskies in need if we don’t have homes to place them in, please consider opening your home up to a husky in need.

Please fill out the form to get started: