Homes for Huskies

Welcome to Homes for Huskies Rescue Inc. We specialise in rescuing and rehoming Siberian Huskies in Melbourne, Victoria. 

Adopt or Foster a Husky

There’s nothing quite like adopting or fostering a husky in need. You make such a difference to a husky’s life, and they will never forget it.

Welcome to Homes For Huskies Rescue Inc. We’re based in Melbourne, Victoria, and are a dedicated group of volunteers who rescue and rehome unwanted Siberian Huskies. We rehome huskies from pounds, or where exceptional circumstances prevail, and their owners can no longer look after them. We place our huskies in loving, private foster homes, where they are supported, assessed and rehabilitated, so we can successfully rehome them in their perfect new forever home.


Are you looking to add a new husky to your household? You can adopt a husky (or two!) in Melbourne through Homes for Huskies. We’re here to advise you and find the pawfect match.


Fostering a husky means you give a husky another chance to live a wonderful life. If you’ve got a spare spot on your couch, foster a Husky, and give them a second chance.


Your donation helps us to help Huskies in need. We provide food, medical care, bedding, collars, leads and more, as well as support our network of foster carers.

You can help us change Tyra’s life

Tyra is a beautiful 9-year old husky girl who came to Homes for Huskies Rescue Inc, blind, and in awful condition after a distressing, neglected life. She’s now on the road to recovery, doing very well, and is happy. Tyra is now fit enough to have surgery to restore her eyesight, and you can help.

We’re raising funds to change her life and give her vision back! 

We made her a promise that she would have whatever she needed and she would never suffer again and we are keeping that promise and hope you can help us. We cannot wait to see Tyra finally enjoying the life she deserves!

Please donate via the donation box below, or click here to read more, see pics and videos, and donate directly on our Raisely page. 

Help us give Tyra her eyesight back.

Tyra came into care with Homes for Huskies earlier this year at 9 years of age, weighing only 14.45kgs, almost completely blind, and in very poor overall condition. Today, she’s doing well enough that she’s going to have surgery that should restore around 80% of her eyesight, can you can help!

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