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1 Year, 10 months & Approx 1 year

Siberian Husky

Arlo and Nova are two fabulous boys who are looking for a home together:

Boys are looking for a home, either together or separate.
– Humans that will invest into their training
– Without cats or pocket pets
– 6ft+ secure, husky-proof fencing
– With active family that will make him a huge part of their everyday lives
– Family with lots of love and time to give them

If this sounds like your household, read on!

We’re on the prowl for the perfect home for these two beautiful young boys, Arlo and Nova.

These lads are so loving, very sweet and affectionate, and try so very hard to be Good Boys. We are told it’s possible Arlo is the father and Nova is his son in this young bonded duo, and they’re had little training, so we need a home with two active adults who are committed to giving them the training. While they’re energetic and excitable, they’ve got a very bright future in front of them!

They would also be a great addition to a racing home or anyone that wants to get into it.

Firstly, we wanted to share a bit about them! They’re sweet chaps, and with treats they’re extra sweet! They’re very playful and love attention. They’re also very bonded and stay close to each other, and are well-behaved and quiet at night. They sleep in their crates with no fuss. They know just when to settle down for bedtime.

Both love to cuddle their humans, they’re so affectionate: they just love their people so much!

But right now, they really want to learn more so they can be better behaved boys in their new home, and we need husky-savvy people (and two of them!) to ensure the training is as effective as possible.

The great news is that, with their current carer, Arlo and Nova are trying really hard, they’ve learned to listen, and are Very Good Boys. All the ingredients are there!

Here’s a run-down on the training situation:

They’re over-enthusiastic at the start of their daily 1-hour walks, that’s pretty typical. Continued lead training will be necessary, sometimes getting them geared up to go out is a struggle (treats help), and they need to learn how to be better on lead.

They’re ok with other dogs on their walks but untested otherwise. This needs to be explored more with their new people in different environments.

Right now, ‘sit’ is the only command they know, but we’re sure they’ve got plenty more tricks up their furry sleeves.

These two boys are truly loving and just want a happy home to thrive in either together or separate.

The usual husky rules apply, with no cats or pockets pets, secure dig proof 6ft+ fences and plenty of love, care and exercise.

Adoption Fee $700 as a pair
Individually $500
Arlo Microchip 900164001653463
Nova Microchip 953010004571202
Source EE100640

If you think you can give Arlo and Nova their perfect home, please complete an application


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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