About Beau

Life is Beautiful

I’m the kind of person who would greet animals on the street before their owners. When we lived in an apartment we had a dole of doves that were regulars at my balcony. Whenever opportunity arose, my neighbours and siblings’ pets would become almost my own. I’ve spent copious amounts of time on the internet watching dog and cat videos. Yes… I am clucky as and I love animals more than I do most humans.

I think it goes without being said that the past year has been hard for us all. Never have I felt more tested, unsure and afraid of what was to come. In March, My husband Nate and I had just started to plan the next chapter. I love Melbourne and city life here is beautiful – but for years I had yearned for a little furry companion to complete our family. In the city, we just never had the space and I didn’t have the heart to keep a dog cooped up in an apartment.

Despite our chances of being able to move to a new home being rather bleak under the circumstances – lady luck looked our way and it all fell in place and by September we managed to purchase our first home. I had endured months of stress, worry and mental distress being in lockdown and the change was literally a breath of fresh air. When at last we moved in, I felt we were finally, ready.

I have to be honest, I had been very cynical about adoption processes. Back in Sri Lanka, stray animals are a huge predicament. There are literally thousands of animals begging to be cared for. All you needed was to open your home to them, no questions asked. In Australia it’s a little different – the screening process can sometimes be testing and yes – I had been declined a few times. All I wanted was to give an animal that needed it – a good home.

I wouldn’t say I was partial to a particular breed but I will admit that for a long time, I found Huskies fascinating. I happened to come across Homes for Huskies on a facebook page I had subscribed to and I saw “Beau”. He was eleven and he was beautiful. I didn’t know his story but I saw that he was older. I wondered if many people would have wanted an older animal and I decided I wanted him. So I hit the application button. I hadn’t even run it past my husband. I honestly thought it would be just another rejection.

Then some days later the rescue contacted me. They wanted to do a yard check. My heart was so afraid to hope. The yard check seemed to go well, but I wasn’t sure. I had one gate that didn’t meet the criteria. I contacted them again and asked if didn’t meet the requirements and I was told, it was a concern so we went about trying to fix it.

The rescue put their trust in me that day and we were thrilled that Beau was going to get a new retirement home. He was moving on to a place where he would be loved, and we took great care that the transition should be a happy and positive experience for him. Most importantly, we wanted to show him that love, caring and understanding was going to be central in our home.

At the meet, Beau walked straight up to my husband. He was so calm. Two minutes into the drive he wriggled his way into the front seat much to my helpless amazement. I had no defences. He sat on my lap and rested his head on my husband’s arm the entire drive back. I was hooked.

And so he came to be in our care. I could go on for days about our lives since Beau. He has consumed us completely and I cannot and will not imagine a life without him. He is such a gentle, beautiful boy. He is independent but clingy when he feels like it. He is so good but mischievous when he can get away with it. He likes his space but makes sure his people are in his space too. Every time I look at him I think “I must have done something right to deserve him.”

From the time he left his old home to ours, my promise to him was that all he would ever know from us is love. He is spoiled silly and adored with all our hearts. We are completely smitten – the only time I’ve seen that much love in my husband’s eyes is when he looks at me. And for everything this year has thrown at me… nothing will ever compare to the wondrous realisation that I am loved by two of the most beautiful souls to walk this earth.

I feel so relieved to meet a group of people at the rescue who share the same love I have for fur babies and who give you so much guidance and support. And I am so eternally gratefully to Homes for Huskies Rescue and all the forces that combined to unite us.

Here’s to your new life Beau and like your name may it be ‘beautiful’.