About Indy

I had been looking at Homes for Huskies for around a year, and I just fell in love with them all! As did everyone else over Covid! I had spoken to Homes for Huskies volunteers on a few occasions about some of the dogs that had been advertised for adoption, however none of them quite fit into our family of three (myself, my partner, and Loki the Husky).

And then one day they contacted me about Indy, she was an older Husky (8.5years), who had lost her mum and did not have anyone around who could care for her adequately. I almost burst at the seams when I was considered.

The initial meeting between Loki and Indy went well, and it was agreed that I would foster her with the aim to adopt. I was so excited for her to live with us, and she was too, she just didn’t know how to let it out!

In the first few months there was a lot of time getting to know each other, our routines and our boundaries. I just wanted her to be a snuggle bug from day one, however I soon learnt that I may have to be patient, because she decided to sleep outside the first few weeks.

Day by day however, she began to open up more, and her beautiful personality shone through. There were definitely tough times, as adopting a senior dog into a home where there is another established older dog would always have its challenges. They were both dominant dogs that wanted to be the boss of the house. I had hopes of Loki and Indy being lovers but they turned out to be more like siblings.

Throughout this time however, I was greatly supported by the Homes for Huskies team, I never felt like I was on my own. Fast forward to today, where Indy enjoys her daily walks, treats, cuddles, belly rubs, pats, jumping on the bed to wake us up, swimming in the local river, howling parties, checking that your still alive in the toilet, talking back with sass, zoomies etc etc etc. She has learnt how to play with toys and has a chosen toy ‘Ted’, who sleeps in her bed with her. She has learnt how to sit, drop, leave, be gentle (sometimes still working on that one with the treats) – who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Indy has a zest for life and a curiosity about everything that is so wonderful to be a part of. She loves people and as time goes on more of her personality and little quirks shine through and she becomes more and more affectionate towards us and the people around her. I am so grateful to have her in my life and for the Homes for Huskies team for giving me a chance with sweet baby angel Indy.

Indy Says Hi!