About Kylo


1 year 3 months

Siberian Husky


Best Qualities: Kylo’s intelligence shines through, and he’s a cuddle champion. He’s the perfect blend of brains and love!

???? Obedience Star: Kylo’s a smart and patient cookie! He nails the sit command and has good recall with ease, thanks to tasty treats as his motivator. Lots of positive reinforcement and guidance will go a long way with his training.

???? Walks with a Twist: Kylo’s walks are a sniffing adventure! He’s inquisitive and his curiosity will pull on the lead occasionally. He will let you know he doesn’t want to go home yet by lying flat on the floor.

???? Doggie Diplomat: Kylo’s the friendly furball who can’t wait to meet new doggy pals. He’s all about making friends with a wagging tail! We encourage slow interactions with males. Kylo would love to have a suitable active and size canine companion

???? Chatterbox: Kylo’s a quiet boy but he will talk to you to tell you how excited he is, but it’s all in good fun. He’s never too noisy, just a little wordy

????️ Weather Warrior: Kylo stays calm and cozy indoors when Mother Nature gets a bit rowdy.

???? Playful & Relaxed: Kylo’s up for a game of fetch or a good pat, but he’s also an expert in the art of relaxation. The perfect balance!

???? Kid-Friendly Potential: While he hasn’t met the little ones yet, Kylo could be a great addition to an active family.

???? Energy Unlimited: Kylo’s outdoor adventures range from 15 minutes to 1 hour, and he’s always up for more. His energy is boundless!

???? Cat & Pocket Pets: Kylo has typical husky prey drive.

???? Small Dogs?: Kylo has not experience interactions with small dogs.

???? Road Trip Ready: Buckle up! Kylo’s a great passenger, although he might nudge you for some extra attention along the way and asks you politely if we’re there yet.

???? House Training: Perfect. Set the boundaries if you don’t want him in certain rooms or the garden and he will listen. Will sit under the food table when humans are dining hoping for scraps.

???? Sweet Slumber: Kylo can snooze just about anywhere, but the sofa’s his top pick or the outdoor patio if it’s a warm night.

???? Foodie’s Delight: Kylo enjoys black hawk fish kibbles and the occasional treat of raw bones or raw meat with veggies and frozen sardines. He dines like a champ, with breakfast (8am) and dinner (6pm) served daily. Also loves carrots and pasta. Tends to eat after his two daily walks but will adapt to the new household routines. Gently takes treats from your hand.

Extra info – Kylo loves being brushed and will give lots of cuddles and kisses. He loves to learn new things every day, shares his toys and is happy to relax on his bed or anywhere outside. He is a very handsome, happy boy even if he does look grumpy. Kylo will definitely let you know he hasn’t said goodbye enough when you leave the home but he is comfortable with being at home for work hours. He does have slight fear in him. But positive encouragement gets him going. Also he is a fun sized husky at 21kg ????

Fully vetworked


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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