About Romeo


13 years old

Siberian Husky


Please consider giving this precious golden oldie a chance ??

Romeo is a lovely boy with a very calm gentle temperament. He’s currently in a shelter after being surrendered by his owners because he was old.

He’s been tested with other dogs at the shelter and he is non-reactive and generally disinterested. The only issue behaviour wise that’s been seen is when the vet examined him, he growled a bit.

Medically, he is in good condition for a 13yo. The main concern is that he needs 2 teeth (208+209) extracted ASAP. He also has a body condition score of 2/5 and has had diarrhoea which is slowly getting better. He is being fed 3x a day to try to get him to gain weight as he’s quite emancipated. He has mild arthritis in his back legs but not very bad for his age. He is very stressed from the shelter environment.

We would like to get Romeo into care to attend to his teeth extractions and weight gain and possible supplements to help his mild arthritis. He just needs a soft place to land for his retirement.

All medical & food costs will be covered by the rescue.
Not suited to younger children as we don’t know if he’s been around them previously.

Usual husky rules apply, no cats or pocket pets, or small dogs
Secure 5ft dig proof fencing required

Please complete an application or email for further details


The usual husky rules apply, with secure 6ft+ dig proof fencing and no cats, pocket pets or chooks. Not suitable for apartment living, rural properties or residences with court yards. This husky is not available for interstate fostering or adoption.

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