My goodness we’ve got a looker on our hands! Meet Boofie, a truly handsome almost one-year-old pup with bright blue eyes and a gorgeous grey and white coat. He’s sweet, gentle, loves people and is quite social. He’s got his whole life ahead of him, and quickly needs a new home through no fault of […]


Come on now, would you just LOOK at that lovable, sassy face? Flash is a gorgeous black and white lad who is 6 yrs 7m old and looking for a furever home through no fault of his own. He’s very social, loving and is a marvellous companion dog and we know the perfect home is […]


Togo greets you in the morning with a good chat and is ready for his walk where he “prances” well on a harness. Loves to run as well if the human is up to some running. Togo sleeps on his own bed all night once he is settled into the family home but will happily […]


Well, Texas is giving Brad Pitt a run for his money in the looks department. His piercing blue eyes, very dark black and white coat ensures he stands out in a crowd! Texas is nine years young with many more marvellous years to offer his new people, and is supposed to be a husky / […]


SKYLAR | 7 yr | Siberian Husky Located Melb   We’d love you to meet the very delightful Skylar, a grey 7-year-old girl, who our meet-n-greet team thought was absolutely gorgeous!   Skylar is a mature girl who is very happy and well-adjusted, who knows how to live the good life. She adores laying on […]


Bandit is a loving dog, who only wants to be with you, loves to be inside the home. He is a quiet boy and loves a play with his humans he will jump if playing or encouraged. He eats well, drinks a lot of water, takes treats ever so gently from your hand…. very impressed […]


I had been looking at Homes for Huskies for around a year, and I just fell in love with them all! As did everyone else over Covid! I had spoken to Homes for Huskies volunteers on a few occasions about some of the dogs that had been advertised for adoption, however none of them quite […]


Homes for Huskies works closely with many Victorian pounds and are often the only way out when huskies are surrendered to them, especially when they’re elderly or unwell. H4H got the call about an urgent pound surrender who was in her last stages of life, unwell, very scared, and was likely be quickly euthanised. Her […]


Life is Beautiful I’m the kind of person who would greet animals on the street before their owners. When we lived in an apartment we had a dole of doves that were regulars at my balcony. Whenever opportunity arose, my neighbours and siblings’ pets would become almost my own. I’ve spent copious amounts of time […]


One of the things we all love about huskies are their adorable personalities, and it’s time to meet Hunter! Hunter is a total character with a loveable temperament and he’s super cute to boot. Hunter’s a typical husky that’s bouncy, very friendly, playful, and obviously very energetic. He needs a new home through no fault […]